Wolves and Humans

In Wolf Team, there are two player forms: Wolf and Human. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and some game modes allow for free transition between the two.


The Ice Wolf is a spy.
2nd Mutation Wolves, shown left to right:
Ice, Psycho, Smart, Guardian, Ghost, Berserker

A Military Contract: Lycanthropes were bio-engineered by splicing genetic material recovered from the remains of a 20,000 year-old canis dirus – a Dire Wolf – into human DNA. The first prototypes, Lycanthro-Primum, had the pack mentality, stamina, speed, and viciousness of wolves. But they were too animalistic to accept direction. A second generation was created, with more humanity; the perfect military super-soldier.

- Climbing/running on walls
- Increased movement speed
- Heavy melee damage
- Bonus HP
- Advanced Wolf species gain special abilities

- No ranged weapons
- Vulnerable to stun weapons
- Vulnerable in open spaces

Wolf Mutations

There are six different Wolf mutations, each caused by experimental Paien Labs gene splicing. Each has its own unique abilities.

Note: Some game modes limit mutation choices, and WP costs vary between game modes. For more information, visit the Game Modes page.

Type HP Power Howl Speed Special Ability
Basic 200 ++ ++ ++ None
Power 300 ++++ +++ +++ None
Guardian 700 +++++ ++++ + Block
Ghost 200 +++ + +++ Invisibility
Berserker** 400 ++++ ++ ++ Self-destruct
Smart** 200 +   ++ Suction
Psycho** 200 ++ ++ ++ Psychokinesis
Ice** 200 ++ ++ ++ Freeze Projectile

* The Basic mutation has no WP cost but rather increases your WP by the stated amount.
** Berserker, Smart, Psycho and Ice Wolves are available through purchase of a Store item.


They’re Out There. Hiding among you. There are ways to tell a Werewolf… traits to look for, if you’ve an eye for detail. Hooked noses. Unibrows. Curved fingernails. Low-set ears. Bristles under the tongue. There’s a certain predatory stride you can look for, but all that’s beside the point. If you stop to look that closely, it may be too late. Meet the men and women of Wolf Team, and their renegade counterparts.

- Access to a variety of powerful weapons
- Long range attacks
- Access to weapons that can stun Wolves, slowing them
- Available in all modes

- Vulnerable in melee combat
- Slower movement speed


The Armory has more information about weapons that Humans can use, including information on purchasing and upgrading. There are also subpages for each weapon type.