Hello Soulkeepers,

Screenshots are very important for showing off your outfit, making player or bug reports, or even taking pictures of our scenic open world. Here is a break down of all of our systems to help you take great screenshots!

To take a screenshot without the traditional user interface you use, you can press Ctrl + P! This will take away all UI temporarily and open Screenshot mode! This is temporary and be disabled by pressing Ctrl +P again. In Screenshot mode you will have this interface in the bottom left corner of your screen:


This interface will fade away when you are not moused over, so it won't obstruct your screenshot. With this interface you have numerous sliders and information to move the camera! There is a check box that is automatically checked when entering this mode for the session, this provides an Echo of Soul Phoenix logo on your screen for you! You then have a Depth of Field which will allow you to change how clear or blurred your background is around you, Motion Blur to show all the action and a FOV which allows you to change how close or far away your camera is!

Now that you are in Screenshot mode, you can now take your picture! Simply press your Print Screen button! On most keyboards, this key is labelled as Print Scrn. Pressing this key will allow your screenshot to be saved to your computer. If you want to make sure, you can always exit the screenshot mode and check your chat! It'll display that it saved in orange print if it did.

So the screenshot was registered as taken but now where do you find it? Go to your Hard Drive (C:\ for most) and find the Aeria Games folder. Choose your Echo of Soul, Enter your Game Client folder and there will be a screenshot folder which will contain any and all screenshots you've taken in the game.


Now you can do whatever you like with the screenshots you've taken, and take many more!

Please Note: Customer Support only accepts unedited, full sized screenshots with the UI showing for user reports and player reports. Any cropped, edited or altered screenshots will not be accepted for reports of any kind.