Report a player

Unfortunately they are everywhere! The outlaws...

If you ever see a player who does not respect the rules of the game, you can report it to us.

Any inappropriate behavior in the game is punished as for example: insults, use of game bugs, use of cheats and/or hacks,etc...

This kind of behavior is not tolerated in EOS!

You will find the rules of the game >>> here <<<

Who can I contact to report a violation of the rules?

The Echo of Soul team is there to deal with reports of non-compliance.

Your first contacts will be the GameMasters, they are responsible for the players of Echo of Soul.

You can contact GameMaster by MP on the forum or directly in game.

You can also send us your reports by sending a ticket to the support.

What are the elements that a report must contain?

In order to facilitate the reports, we have prepared a short list. Just copy it and fill the requested information:

  • Your character name:
  • The name of the character who broke the rules
  • The server :
  • The reason for the report
  • Description of the non respect:
  • When was the non respect:
  • Have you ever reported this non respect to someone else, if yes to whom:
  • Joined evidence

Warning, without proof, we will not be able to process the reports!

The proofs can be according to the situations:

- An unmodified or not reworked screenshot (no blackening of text or names, no chat splitting, no changes to the original screenshot of the game, no window on the capture) for all reports that have nothing to do with a movement or action in the game.

- An unmodified or not reworked video of the game's full screen (no other window on the game window, no coloring, no visual effects and no background sound) for all reports that have something to see with a movement or action in the game, like being AFK in a dungeon. Be careful, videos on the screen made using a camcorder or a phone are not accepted. You will need to make the video using a video capture program. You can find on the net, you find the one that suits you.

It is important for us to also have a glimpse of what happened before and after the report so that we can get an overview of what happened!

Why should the evidence be the original?

Screenshots and videos serve as proof of non-compliance with the rules.

Your report may lead to an exclusion of the game and that is why we absolutely need valid proof.

Do I know the sanction that the player will have?

We will not be able to give you the nature of the penalty taken for the player you have reported for reasons of confidentiality of the data.

According to the laws of data protection, we will not be able to give you this type of information.

How can I know if my report has been processed?

You will have an answer when your message has arrived at your destination and is being processed.

"We thank you for this report, we treat it according to the rules."

How can I send you a screenshot or video?

You will find different sites that will offer you to upload a screenshot or a video. This type of site, is called image hosting or video. They save the screenshot or videos on their servers and give you access through a link that you have to send us.

We will then be responsible for recording this evidence in our archives which we will have to keep in case of litigation.

Be careful, we do not accept videos uploaded to YouTube or any other video viewer.

Please also understand that we must analyze the evidence you send us and that we will only intervene after the analysis and according to the rules.

Sometimes you will not understand the sanction given that you are the victim, but the evidence must always be treated in a neutral way and may not appear as serious as felt by the victim.