Report a bug

When you find a bug or an error in the game, it is very important that you report it to us so we can fix it as soon as possible so it may be fixed faster.

You have multiple way to report them in the game:

  1. Send a ticket to the support
  2. Contact a GM in the game
  3. Send a private message in the forum to a GM, Moderator or CM

So we can act faster, we need information about the bug/error. So we have prepared a list that you can copy and paste and fill:

  1. Who is reporting the error ? (IGN)
  2. Where did it happen? (Map)
  3. When did you experience it? (Date and time)
  4. What is it? (Descrption of it with as many details as possible)
  5. How often do you get it? (Always, sometimes, rarely...)
  6. What were you doing when you encountered it?

It is very important that the description has many details. If they reports are not complete we won't be able to act.

For some of the bugs it is very important to add screenshot or video, especially when it happens during some movements, etc.

We thank you for helping us making the game better!