Guilds in EOS

How can I create my own Guild?

In order to create a guild you will have to go to one of the big cities like Ignea. Once in there, go to the Clockwork Quarter and look for the "Guild Manager" NPC.





Once found, talk to him and and select "Create Guild" and again "Create Guild". Attention, you must be at least level 20 and have 1 gold on you!



You will then need to fill in your guild name and confirm!


What information about my guild members is available to me?

You can see several informations via the member tab:

- Level

- Name

- Class

- Attack Power

- Rank in the guild

- Participation in terms of guild experience

- Area where the player is

- Status

- Number of kills

- Number of deaths

You can sort guild members by clicking on the arrow next to the name of the information!

How can I set permissions by guild rank?

In the "Authority" tab you can find all possible rights sorted by rank:

- Add in the guild storage

- Take from the guild storage

- Invite members to the guild

- Kickmembers from the guild

- Change the ranks of the players in the guild

- Buy items in the guild shop

- Repair with guild money

- Change the profile appearing on guild members

- Edit the guild notice

- Change permissions

- Manage guild recruitment


How to leave my guild?

If you are the guild leader two options are available to you:

- Kick all members of the guild and leave the guild via the option "Leave guild":



- Designate a new guild leader via the Guild Manager NPC.


Once the new guild leader appointed, you will be able to leave the guild.

If you are a guild member other than the leader you can leave the guild directly via the "Leave Guild" option!