Beginners Guide - General

You have just created your account and installed the game client and now you want to take your first steps in the world of Echo of Soul! Here are some tips that can help you start the game.

The creation of your character

After selecting the server, you will be prompted to select the character class that suits you best. You will have the choice between 7 character classes: Paladin, Warrior, Guardian, Rogue, Sorceress, Warlock and Archer.

Each class has its specificities!


Once your class is selected, click on the "Next" button at the bottom right of the screen.

You can then customize the appearance of your character by previewing different possible costumes (1), individualizing its appearance (2) and giving it a name (3).

In order to finalize the creation of your character, you will have to check the availability of the name by clicking on the "Check" button.

Attention, respect our chart of the names, which you will find here: Rules of Souls

At this level, it is also useful to inform yourself about the rules of the game that you will also find by following the link above.

Finish creating your character and enter the world of Echo of Soul by clicking the "Creation Complete" button at the bottom right of the game screen.


Please note that you can create up to 8 characters per account. The name of the characters can have between 2 and 12 letters and / or numbers.

In addition, a character name can be used only once for the entire game, all servers combined.


Here's the game screen you'll see when you log in to the game:


(1) Target Display - You will be able to see information about your target such as his name, level, health points and buffs and debuffs.

(2) Group View - You will be able to see all the information about the group you are in.

(3) Display of your buffs and debuffs - You will be able to see all your buffs and debuffs and also the uses of objects.

(4) Mini Map - You can see the mini map of where you are with your current location and surrounding NPCs and monsters. You will also see the quests that are available to you.

(5) Daily Activities - You will be able to access your window of daily activities which will allow you to obtain different rewards by carrying out different missions.

(6) Quests - You will be able to see active quest information like management and your mission to complete it.

(7) The chat window - You will be able to see the different chat windows at your disposal. This is also where you will find your combat information as well as system announcements.

(8 ) Attack Power - You will be able to see the attack power of your character. This attack power will eventually depend on entering dungeons and other elements of the game.

(9) Login Rewards - You will be able to retrieve the various rewards you will receive every day when connecting to the game.

(10) Food - This is where you will see your character's diet.

(11) The Status Bar - You will be able to see the level of your character, his health points as well as his special resources that are specific to each character class.

(12) The shortcut bar - This is where you can drag certain items such as companions, skills or potions so you can use them faster.

(13) Auto Healing - This is where you will be able to make various settings about your character's automatic healing.

(14) Souls - This is where you will see information about the souls your character has. You can also use them from this menu.

(15) The Main Menu - This is where you will be able to access all the game's menus such as your character's information, list of quests, skills, souls, inventory, community, dungeons , the options and settings of the game, etc ...

(16) Experience Bar - This is the display of your experience bar so you can see your progress before reaching the next level.

Basic operations

Here are the different functions of your mouse:



(1) You can use the left mouse button to target.

(2) You can use the right mouse button to interact with the elements of the game and see around your character.

(3) You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the display of your game screen.

You can move using the left and right mouse keys simultaneously or by right-clicking where you want to move. You can play more smoothly using the different keys on the keyboard. They are set by default but you can make your own settings in the options window (Escape key).

Key Function

Key Function Key Function
W Move forward Ctrl + Tab Swaps in between targets
A Move left O Friends
S Move backward H Group Search Window
D Move right Z Select own character
P Character Information + Zoom in the mini map
K Skills - Zoom out the mini map
I Inventory Alt + X Dungeon settings
V Soul bag Shift + Z Show / Hide Interface
M Map Ctrl + B Emotions
L Quest List Ctrl + T Pets/mounts window
N Achievements Alt + O Game settings
J Magic Book Alt + H Help window
U Raids Alt + C In-Game Shop Window
F Action key Alt + Q PvP Search
G Guild Alt + S Battle Field
Tab Select a nearby target Alt + W PvP History
Shift + Tab Select a second target Print Screenshot
Ctrl + P Screenshot mode Alt + T Trades Window


Action Key

The action key, F, is one of the most used keys in Echo of Soul. The "F" will appear whenever you can use the action key.



The action key is used to talk to NPCs, to interact with the mailbox or chests and to collect items when the monsters are defeated.

Deleting a character

Did you realize that the character you created does not suit you? Then you can delete it.

By going to the page of the choice of characters, you can click on the button at the bottom right "Delete character". Be careful to select the right character before clicking the button.



A level 10 or higher character will be permanently deleted when servers are rebooted for the first time after 6 days.

A character below level 10 will be deleted immediately.