Fix "Status Code 5/8"

Following here will be an explanation how to deal with the Status Code: 5 and Status Code: 8

This issue is best worked with in the Internet Explorer, as the Login to Phoenix is based on it. The following description how to work with it, tailored towards the newest version of the Internet Explorer.

Statuscode : 5

  1. Open up Internet Explorer.
  2. Clear your Browser Cache.
  3. Log in on EOS Website.
  4. Check if you have filled out age field in account section of your profile.
  5. Fill out, if age field is missing an entry.
  6. Open up the game again.
  7. Do a file check.

Statuscode : 8

  1. Go to your computer search.
  2. Type in "internet settings" or just "internet" and look for the menu for the settings.
  3. Go to "advanced" and scroll to the section about security.
  4. Enable the boxes as seen in the screenshot below.
  5. If in doubt, is a press of 'reset advanced settings' also doing the trick.
  6. Start the game