How to Submit a DxDiag Report

For more complex troubleshooting it can help to attach a system report (DxDiag) when submitting your ticket.

This report can be acquired by following the steps below:

Running the DxDiag Tool

  1. Open the Direct X Diagnostic Tool (this can be done in a few different ways depending on your operating system.

    For Windows 8 and 10
    Click ‘Start’ to access the search and type ‘dxdiag’ and then select the ‘DxDiag Run’ command.

    Right-click on the program to start it.

    For Windows 7

    Click ‘Start’ and in the search box, type ‘dxdiag’ and then press ‘Enter’.

  2. In the next window that opens, select the option to ‘Save all Information’.

  3. Then save the text file to the desired folder on your computer.

  4. This file can now be easily attached to your request when submitting a ticket.