Tiered Spenders

Tiered Spenders are events that happen in our Web shop. Tiered spenders have tiers which contain extra goodies that you can get when you spend a certain amount of AP! Tiered spenders can vary; some let you choose which rewards you can get and some items are picked for you! In some instances, the Tiered Spenders can even be repeated after redeemed! No matter what, Tiered Spenders are a way of thanking you, the players, for spending with us!

How do I participate in the Tiered Spender?

You participate in our Tiered Spender by buying anything off of our Web Mall or in-game Cash Shop. The Tiered Spender is based off of items purchased and not how much AP you recharge for.

How do I know when a Tiered Spender event is happening?

Typically, when a Tiered Spender is happening the Echo of Soul team will make an announcement so you don't miss it! However, there is also a great way to tell by visiting our Web Mall, you will be met with two signs there is a tiered spender going on:


Underneath your AP amount that you have to spend there will be a bar underneath it that displays how much AP you have spent so far (if any) and how far you are into it! If you look to the left, there is a tab for Tiered Spender, when expanded you will see all the Tiered Spenders and what the rewards are for each Tier.

I've bought items and hit a tier, what now?

When you click on the Tiered Spender name in the expanded "Tiered Spender" section you will be met with the following visual:


Underneath the Tiered Spender logo you will see how much AP you have currently spent! To the right of this, is how long you have to participate in this Tiered Spender. The Green color signifies tiers that you have unlocked and can receive rewards for, blue signifies how far you are until you hit the next tier.

Underneath the Tiered Spender bar, there is the tiers that are in this Tiered Spender. Each tier will provide information such as the rewards available, how much AP it is provided and you will be able to see how many tiers are left unlocked and what they contain. If you have decided that you have reached the tier you would like to be at, you can redeem your good by pressing the Redeem button and chose the items you wish to get in-game! After redeeming your Tiered Spender your bar will now have an Orange Color:


This signifies that you have redeemed the items for those tiers, and in some cases you can continue and repeat the tiered spender and redeem even more rewards!

How long do I have to redeem rewards?

The Echo of Soul team recommends claiming the Tiered Spender rewards less than 24 hours after the Tiered Spender has ended at the latest. Of course you can redeem your rewards at any time while the Tiered Spender is still active!