Shops - InGame/Webshop

You can buy many useful items for your character through our Ingame and Webshop! They’re two premium shops, where you can buy different items that are very useful for your character and appearance!

The currency of the two shops are Aeria Points (AP), which you can buy with real money.

The InGame Shop

You can find the in-game shop on the bottom right of your game screen.


You can see the number of APs you have in the in-game shop.


Click on the arrow to update the AP amount. By clicking on the AP-Charge button you will be taken to the purchase page. In the in-game shop, you can also gift items to other players who are on the same server as you!

For the item you want to give away, click the Purchase button, then the "Send gift" button and enter the person's name and a small message!


If another player sends you an item from the in-game store, you can find it in the gift tab of the in-game store! Items you buy for your character will be sent directly to your inventory. Be careful, items received in the Gift Tab remain there for 30 days!

The Web Shop

You can find the Webshop on our website:


Log into your account at the top right of the website and click on the shop to reach our Webshop. In the Webshop you can buy additional items that are not in the in-game shop. You can usually find offers in there!

If you buy items in the Webshop, you can get them in the event tab of the in-game shop!