Equipment - Basic Knowledge

What types of equipment can I find in EOS?

In EOS you can find different types of equipment: whites, greens, blues, purples and oranges.

The whites, the greens are the normal equipment, the blue ones are the rare equipments, the purples are the heroic equipments and the oranges are the legendary equipments.

The higher the equipment, the better they will be but they will also be rarer!

You can compare the equipment you wear by holding the mouse on a piece of equipment in your inventory. You will find a comparison below.



I received a box of equipment, what to do?



When you receive an equipment box, simply open it in your inventory with a right click. You will then receive the equipment part corresponding to your class and specialization.



It will not be appraised yet.

My equipment part has a magnifier on its icon, what to do?

When your piece of equipment has a magnifier on its icon, you must appraise it with the magnifier in your inventory.



Click on the magnifiers and then on your piece of equipment to identify.

Identification is very important in order to benefit from all the statuses of the object in question!

What is the object level of a piece of equipment used for?


Each object has an equip level and an item level.

The equip level of the object corresponds to the level of your character. You will not be able to use it if your character has a lower level than indicated. The item level of each piece of equipment corresponds to its quality.

The higher the item level, the greater the chance that it is better with better stats.

I do not need my equipment anymore, what can I do with it?

When you no longer need one of the parts of your gear, you can either destroy it by sliding it out of your inventory window or you can also sell it to one of the Merchant NPCs for silver and gold coins.

You can also turn it into souls with your special Soul Extraction skill found in the profession window (Key J).

And you have the option to turn it into crafting materials using your Item Extraction skill also in the trades window.