Rest Bonus EXP

What is the Rest Bonus?

The Rest Bonus is as its name suggests a bonus that will allow you to accumulate more experiences during your adventure on Echo of Soul - Kingdom!

How to recharge this Bonus?

You can increase the bonus by staying in large cities like Ignea, or in the camps of each map.

When you are in an area that will reload your rest bonus you will have a notification in the system messages saying: "Rest bonus is recharging."

When you leave an area that reloads your bonus you will get the following message: "Rest bonus charged!"

It is also possible to use sanctuary wings to increase your Maximum Rest Bonus. The level 1 wings will give you 100% of the bonus, level 2: 200%, level 3: 300%, level 4: 400% and level 5: 500%!

The wings will give you an amount of experience depending on their level.

Where can you see the Bonus?

The bonus is located on your experience bar, you just need to move your mouse over the diamond to see the experience that the Rest Bonus will give you.



On this, no Sanctuary Wings have been used, so you can see the basic resting bonus of the character.

After using a few sanctuary wings, you will see that the experience has increased:


How is the maximum level of the Rest Bonus determined?

The maximum level is determined by your level, the higher your level, the higher the bonus will be.

How is it used?

Whenever you defeat a monster, boss, or quest, the experience gained through them will be increased and the maximum amount of the Rest Bonus will decrease.

You can see it in the system messages:

You earned 7010 EXP. (1338 + 5672)

7010 is the total experience that you will win.

1338 is the experience given by the monster.

5672 is the experience given thanks to the buff of experience that your character has used and thanks to the rest bonus.