Fix download Issues

Phoenix is so close you can almost taste it. Then you get a "Not Enough Disc Space" Error, now what do you do? This will be a guide to assist you in resolving your error.

How much free space do I have?

In order to determine how much space you have, you will need to go to "This PC" (May be called "My PC") and right click the drive you are attempting to install Phoenix on) and click properties.


After properties it will bring up the following or a similar screen. Make sure to check your Free Space is more than enough to install the game with some extra space to spare. We recommend having at least 40GB free.


What if I don't have enough free space?

Don't have enough space free? Try using Disk Cleanup. This feature will allow you to clear the small, cached files on your computer you don't need but the computer saves just in case. Select the things in the menu you wish to clear, then they will be deleted.

If more disk space is needed try moving large, unused programs or files to another hard drive, external USB drive, or to the recycling bin! Things like recorded videos, unused video games, and pictures add up quickly and take up a lot of space.

If you are still having the error after completing all instruction you may just need to manually download the packages. This may be a bit time consuming and is only to be used as a last resort to "Not Enough Disc Space" error. If this step does not resolve your issue, please contact Customer Support.

Pack 1

Pack 2

Pack 3

Pack 4

Pack 5

Pack 6

Pack 7

Executible (Launcher)