Billing Support Guidelines

Billing Support

What are Aeria Points and how do I purchase AP?

Aeria Points, also known as AP, are the virtual points that can be used on the Aeria Games platform. AP is the best way to heighten your Aeria Games gameplay experience. There are many items that can be purchased with AP in each game's individual item mall, all of which provide special bonuses and exclusive benefits to your character.

To purchase AP, please visit our Billing page at or click on the circular AP icon next to your username at the top of the Aeria Games web page. AP cannot be traded between accounts, so please make sure you are logged into the account that you would like the points to be awarded to.


This is my first-time buying AP. What are my limits?

As a first-time buyer, your account will be limited to one purchase per day for three days after your initial purchase. If you use a prepaid option, for example, PaySafeCard, you can make more than one payment a day. After three days, even if you have not made more transactions, you will be considered a registered purchaser with Aeria Games, and the restrictions will lift.


I just bought AP and now I cannot use it! Help!

After you purchase AP, your account and AP may be subject to a short hold to ensure the security of your transaction and account. During the process, your AP may display as "Inactive" "-2" or "-1" and you will not be able to spend it in-game or at the web item mall. There is no need to be alarmed by this, as your points will be available shortly after the process is completed. This simply means that your account is going through a waiting period for security reasons. It will not affect any amount of AP you have purchased or will purchase in the future and should not affect your ability to continue to play. If your hold does not disappear after 40 minutes, please contact the Billing department [] for further assistance.


What information should I prepare when contacting Billing Support?

Before contacting a member of the Billing department, please make sure that you have ALL of the following:

  • Aeria Games Account ID (not in-game character name)
  • Payment Method used or attempted to purchase with
  • Transaction or Receipt ID
  • Date and amount of purchase

When submitting a ticket, please include as much information as you can regarding the issue. Please do not reply to the ticket while you are waiting for a reply from our support team, as replying to a ticket after it has been submitted will move it to the end of the line.

Please allow up to 24 hours for our team to review your ticket. Due to the high volume of tickets, please do not submit more than one ticket, as it will clutter our system.


What are the bonus points?

Bonus Points are additional points that you receive when purchasing AP. Bonus Point levels will vary depending upon the value of purchase and payment provider used. For a complete listing of all payment options and bonus point values available to you, visit the billing page at


I see I can get many bonus points using PayPal recurring. What is PayPal recurring?

The highest percentages of Bonus Points are awarded using the PayPal Recurring payment method. PayPal Recurring is an automatically withdrawing account that will take money from your PayPal account and give you AP once a month with a higher level of bonus points.

For example, if you purchase $100 USD with PayPal Express, you will get a total of 12500 AP. If you have a PayPal Recurring account set up, you will get 17500 AP once a month. If you are a frequent purchaser of AP, having PayPal Recurring can be a benefit to you as points are automatically awarded.

When you set up a PayPal Recurring account, the funds for the first month's payment are immediately withdrawn. Next month and every following month, your PayPal Recurring will automatically withdraw on the 25th. We cannot change the date of PayPal Recurring withdrawal.

PayPal Recurring is not available to first-time buyers. Once you have made your first purchase, you will then be able to access this service.


What is PayPal auto-recharge? How do I use it?

PayPal auto-Recharge is a feature that can be selected on the third payment step on when using the PayPal Express payment provider. When you have selected PayPal Auto-Recharge and your AP drops below 50 AP, your account will automatically re-fill with the amount you initially purchased in AP. This allows you to automatically have more AP available while in-game.


Is AP refundable?

AP is not refundable and is not transferable.


Which payment methods do you support?

The payment methods available to you may differ depending upon your location. For a complete list, please visit


Where can I see my AP?

When you purchase AP, your points will be awarded to the account that was logged in at the time of purchase. If you cannot see your AP, make sure you have logged into the correct account. Once you have signed into your account, your AP balance is in the right-hand corner, next to your username. If you hover your mouse over your balance, a drop-down menu will appear, and you can select your AP Purchase History to see all your AP and in-game purchases.

The location of your AP balance in-game will vary depending upon each game. If you are unable to locate your AP in-game, please contact your game's GM team for assistance.


Can I use my AP in a mobile game?

Currently, AP cannot be used in our mobile games. If you wish to make a purchase of funds to use on a mobile game, please visit the in-Appstore for your individual mobile game.

I have been charged but I did not receive my AP. Where are they?

All AP purchases can be subject to a security hold for a minimum of 24 hours. If it has been more than 48 hours from the time you purchased and you still have not received AP, there are many reasons why your payment may have been stalled. AP is awarded to the account that is logged in at the time of purchase. If you have more than one account, please check all accounts for your missing AP.

Your payment also might be under a hold from the payment provider you used to purchase. We can only award AP after notification from your payment method. To prevent further delay, please make sure to contact your payment provider first about your missing transaction. If you have already contacted your payment provider and are still missing AP, please submit a ticket to the Billing department with the information regarding the transaction (Transaction ID, name of the purchaser, date of purchase and amount, etc...)


I did not receive an item in-game.

If you have not received an item you purchased in-game, or if you gifted an item and it was not received, you will need to contact a Game Master on the game you play.


I purchased AP during a Bonus Points Sale. Where are my extra Bonus Points?

Bonus Point sales, and any corresponding sales, are awarded only if the transaction clears within the promotional time frame. If your purchase cleared after the end of the promotion, you would not receive the bonus. Please make sure to read all sale announcements in full for any limitations or restrictions.

If you feel your payment did clear and you still have not received your extra Bonus Points, please first make sure that you have used a payment method that was included in our sale. Not all amounts will get the same percentage Bonus Points. When you are purchasing, Step 3 will show how much you will receive in AP and Bonus Points if you qualify within the time frame. All restrictions may apply to Bonus Point sales.


I got a code for AP. How do I use it?

If your code begins with the prefix CP: You have a coupon code to use with your next purchase of AP. To redeem this coupon, please go to our recharge center at and select Buy AP. Then, select your payment method. Coupon codes can only be applied when purchasing AP with certain payment methods. The list of such payment methods can be found in the message that accompanied your coupon code. Enter your coupon code and the amount of AP you wish to purchase and make sure to click APPLY. If you do not click apply, your coupon will not be added. Once you have applied the coupon, you can click through to step three and finalize your purchase.

If your code begins with the prefix EP: You have an E-Pin code that can be input directly into our billing page for AP. In order to redeem this code, please go to our recharge center at Please select E-pin as your payment type and proceed to step 2, enter the E-pin and finalize your purchase.


My gift card/pre-paid debit card/pre-paid credit card was declined but I was charged $0.99/$1. What is that?

The $0.99/$1 charge you see is called an authorization fee. Authorizations, common for gift cards and prepaid credit card purchases, are not actual charges but are temporary holds placed on a credit card to ensure it is a valid card. Please make sure that you have at least $1 more than the amount in AP you are trying to buy, or your purchase may be declined due to insufficient funds.

Please keep in mind that gift cards and pre-paid debit cards have their own rules, so authorization fees are subject to issuing bank policy. Some cards cannot be used for online purchases until they have been registered.


Why do I get an Error message when I attempt to use my credit card?

Please make sure to enter all information correctly and confirm your payment through additional verification, if needed. If you are receiving an error when attempting to use your credit card, please contact our customer support.


I did a free AP offer but I did not get my points.

All free AP offers are operated and maintained by third-party companies, so Aeria Games does not have access to records regarding these points. If you feel you have completed an offer but did not receive AP for it, please contact the individual offer provider.