How can I defend or attack in game?

To attack, you must first build a fleet. To do this, click on the HQ and then on the military. Once you are in the HQ, you will see your fleets and create new fleets at the top of the window; you have only one fleet at the beginning, but you can create more fleets (up to three).

If you then scroll down, you will see the units you currently have. You can move these units from the depot into your fleets and vice versa: enter the number of units you want to move and where you want to move them. Then click on "Move Units".

Important: as soon as units are in a fleet, they will automatically defend your base from incoming armies of your opponents. Units in the depot do not defend.

After moving units into your fleets, you can send your fleets into combat.

You can do this in different ways:

  • In the same window under "Commands" you can enter the coordinates of your opponent and send your fleets. Coordinates are obtained by searching for players in the search bar in the upper right corner of the main screen.
  • You can choose an opponent from the highscore list at the bottom of the main screen. By clicking on the player's name, you open the profile of the player. At the top right of the profile, you will see a button with crossed swords, which you can click to attack the selected player.