How do Bank and interests work?

The bank is a building where you can save some of your income. When you transfer the income to your bank account, you will earn interests. This can be very useful because the more money you have in the bank, the more money you can get as interest.
The amount of money you can deposit in your bank account, it is based on your current HQ level.
Interests will be calculated and paid daily.  Interests are based upon commerce activity level, the more trade actions performed, the better the interest on the server. The bank is not limited, you can have access to your savings, deposit, or transfer your payout at any time.

How do they get calculated?
At a rate of 7% and an account balance of 1,000,000 Money
1,000,000/100= 10.000
10,000*7= 70.000
70,000/24= 2,916.67
Here, in this example, the player gets $2,916.67 per hour.
To the day, that's $70.000. There is no compounded interest calculated to it. This only works when no money was withdrawn from the account. It is also possible that the interest rate falls to 0%.