What is the difference between Fiesta Europe and Fiesta North America?

The European version of Fiesta Online is called 'Fiesta Online' (soonFiesta Europe) in our portal while the US version, former run byOutspark, is called 'Fiesta North America'. As both versions use different game servers it won't be possible toconnect to the US server with an account that has been created for theEuropean version. It would be possible to create several game accounts, one for the EUversion and one for the US version with the same username. If this isthe case you need to make sure you use the correct game account anddownload the correct game client. Otherwise you might login to anaccount and can't find your characters as you connected to the wrongserver. All information for the European version can be found on the EUROPEANFIESTA ONLINE WEBSITE. All information for the US version can be found on the US FIESTAONLINE WEBSITE.