Learn more about a new feature - the Clan Shop!

  We are happy to present to you a new feature - the Clan Shop. Belowyou will find a short overview of the new feature.However, if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact oursupport team or post your question on our AppPage[].We will be happy to help you!GET TOGETHER WITH YOUR FRIENDS! The Clan Shop is a unique feature available only for clan members. Ifyou don't have your own gang yet, don't wait too long! Create your own clan or join an existing one! COLLECT CLAN SHIELDS! To be able to buy items in the Clan Shop, you will need a special clancurrency - shields. You can get them by achieving daily clan quests or by improving your clan position inthe global clan ranking. DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE!In the Clan Shop you can find useful and rare items. For some of them,however, you have to be quick to get them! To be able to include a lot of different items, we created a dynamicstorefront where items are rotating. There will always be 6 differentitems available for you at any time. BE FAST! Furthermore, some of the slots are limited, and once sold out theywill not be added until the next refill round. Slots will be refilled according to the item type - some will berefilled every day, but for some rare items you may have to wait aweek. GREAT ITEMS!In the Clan Shop you will find great and rare items such as: premiumitems, collection items, customization items, skill cards, luckyboxes, and even ratbucks! GET YOUR CLAN TO THE TOP IN THE GLOBAL RANKING! You can get clan shields by improving your position in the global clanranking. Every Monday, the system will calculate each clan'sachievements during the last week. Depending on how many points a specific clan has earned, this clanwill be placed within the global clan ranking. The higher your clan'sposition in the ranking, the more clan shields you will get! FOUND A BIG GANG! In the global ranking competition only clans with 8+ members can takepart. One more reason to get together with your friends!