How can I use ingame tools?

In The Rats you will find a variety of tools and items which can helpyou raise your rats, to protect your cheese, or to cure injured rats.Here you will find a short description of the main tools that can bevery useful for you. We are also working on some new and amazing toolsfor you right now! RATTRAP This is a must-have! The rattrap protects your cheese and collectssouls and hearts from busted attackers. If, for example, someone triesto steal some of your cheese but gets caught in the rattrap instead,the device will collect hearts and souls from the robber for you. Youcan also upgrade your rattrap and increase its effectiveness! HOW CAN I IMPROVE THE RATTRAP? To increase the effectiveness of your Rattrap, you have to donate somecollection items. The higher the level of your rattrap, the moreeffective it will be! If you want to check the current details of yourdevice, just click on it and you can access information on the currentlevel of the device, how many pieces of cheese are protected, and moreimportant details. REMEMBER: Every new level will increase theeffectiveness of your trap! To get more insights about your device, click on the "Details" button.There you will find all specifications. To upgrade the Rattrap, you need certain collection items. You canfind them while stealing your neighbors' cheese or you can simply buythem in the Collections Shop. BUCK-CAT Another useful device that can help you is the "Buck-Cat Machine" - amechanical monstrosity that transforms cheese into Mega Poison. But wait, there is more! After the first upgrade, it will transformcheese into Ratbucks! HOW CAN I UPGRADE THE "BUCK-CAT MACHINE"? To upgrade the Buck-Cat Machine, you need either a level 20 Devil Rator a Dracula or Joker Rat of any level. But be careful - you will losethe sacrificed rat. After the upgrade, however, your "Buck-CatMachine" will be able to produce Ratbucks! SICKBED Last but not least, the Sickbed can help you a lot in your progress.This tool can help cure your rats much faster! The Sickbed reduces thetime it takes for your injured rats to heal as well as the amount ofdefibrillators required to wake a rat from a coma. HOW DO I UPGRADE THE SICKBED? To get your Sickbed to the next level, you will need special itemswhich you can collect while hunting cheese or other rats. You also canbuy them from the Collections Shop.