1) HOW OFTEN CAN I TAKE PART IN THE CONTEST? The contest is running every 3 days (72 hours to be precise). There isno limitation and you can take part in each contest. 2) IS IT POSSIBLE TO TRANSFER POINTS FROM ONE CONTEST TO THE NEXT ONE?In each contest players have to start from scratch. Therefore, at thevery beginning of the contest all participants have zero points andhave to earn them during the next 72 hours. Once the competition isover, all earned points will be reset and each player will have equalopportunities for the next round. 3) HOW ARE PLAYERS REWARDED? For each place achieved in the Global ranking a player receivesrewards. The higher your position, the more and better prizes you willreceive. 4) WHAT REWARDS CAN I GET? You can get cheese, hearts and even high-level rats! The main prizeincludes also lower levels rewards. For example, if you manage to getto the top rankings and earn a main prize - e.g. a rat - you will alsoreceive cheese and hearts and other rewards that players with lesspoints receive. 5) WHY DO YOU HAVE LEAGUES? The league system helps us group players in the Contest depending ontheir power level and make sure the competition is fair. In this waywe do not have entry-level players compete against high level and verystrong competitors. This also provides a good healthy challenge as youprogress in game and go up from lower level leagues to the higherones. 6) HOW DO I ENTER A CERTAIN LEAGUE? Players are placed in leagues depending on their power level. Forexample, a player with power level 5 will compete in Bronze League.However, once this player reaches power level 15, he or she will betransferred to the Silver League, and, of course, along with aprogress in the game s/he can reach Diamond League as well. 6) WHAT ABOUT THE REWARDS FOR DIFFERENT LEAGUES? The rewards are different as well. For example, in Bronze League youcan win grey or king rats, but in Diamond League you can win apowerful vampire rat. Therefore, the higher the league you play in,the better prizes you can get. 7) WHICH POWER LEVEL DO I HAVE TO REACH TO GET INTO A CERTAIN LEAGUE? Bronze League - power level 3 Silver League - power level 16 GoldLeague - power level 51 Diamond League - power level 151 8) I ALREADY HAVE THE NECESSARY POWER LEVEL BUT STILL CANNOT GET INTOTHE NEXT LEAGUE. WHY? If you level up during the contest, you will have to wait for the endof the competition to be able to get into the next League. Forexample, if a player starts a contest with power level 49 in theSilver League, but reaches power level 51 during the current contestdays, s/he is eligible to play in Gold League. However, s/he will haveto finish the current contest in Silver League and will be transferredto Gold League status only with the start of the next contest. Inother words, once you start a competition in a certain league, youwill have to complete it in the same league, and with the start of anew Contest, you will enter the higher group.