Learn more about special items and ingame tools

IN THE RATS SPECIAL ITEMS AND TOOLS ARE ESSENTIAL! There are two important basic activities in The Rats that can bringyou a fortune and a lot of fun - stealing cheese from your neighborsand stuffing their rats.For every successful attack you can earn - besides a lot of fun, ofcourse - special collection items, souls to get more rats, anddelicious cheese! Your attempted attacks, however, will not be equally successful - alot depends on your rats' skills and the items you use. In this guidewe will provide an overview of the items you can use to boost your chances in The Rats. So keep reading and becomethe true Rats Champion!  STEALING CHEESE Cheese is essential for rats, they simply cannot live without it! Soyou better make sure you always have enough food for your rats. Make them strong enough to break through walls in the cave, resistenemy attacks, and find loot! You can always buy cheese, but of course it is more fun to steal it from your neighbors! SCANNER Once you find yourself in a neighbors' cave, you should use a scanner.This is a special item that scans your enemy's cave to mark the piecesof cheese that are protected by a rattrap. Go hunting without a scanner and you can easily get caught in arattrap! In this case your rat will be injured and you will lose allthe points and all loot you have so far earned on this raid. We recommend you use this item to avoid unnecessary drama!   GLOVES After you have identified the available cheese with your scanner, youcan finally try to steal some of it! Now you will need a special item:magic gloves that can improve your stealing chances! Remember: depending on the skills of both your rats and your enemy's,you have a good or bad chance of successfully stealing a particularpiece of cheese. To check the chances, just click on a piece of cheese and you will seea success rate. If the chances are not high enough, you can alwaysimprove them by using special items - like magic gloves. This tool will improve your chance to loot without being noticed! Plusyou can combine gloves with other items which we will describe below. LOW POWER LEVEL GLOVES Will slightly improve your chances for stealing cheese. However, insome cases you should consider using more powerful gloves. MEDIUM POWER LEVEL GLOVES It may happen that the regular gloves do not give you the desiredresult. In this case you should try the medium power level gloves -your chances will be higher! But you cannot combine them with low level gloves; in this case youwill have to choose which one you want to use. SMOKE GRENADE (HIGH POWER LEVEL)   If magic gloves are not enough, you always have a stronger weapon - asmoke grenade that has the highest power level and will greatlyincrease your chances! And did you know that you can combine the smoke grenade with one ofthe gloves and thus increase your chances even more? BOMB BELT If you have nothing to lose, you can get serious and use a bomb belt.This item will not increase your chances but it will give yousomething just as cool: if you get caught by your enemies, the belt will explode and kill all the neighbors' rats, giving you agreat loot! All right, the bomb belt does not make you any better atstealing stuff but it will surely be a lot of fun! And it gives you the chance to collect all the souls and collectionitems from your enemies' rats with one strike - instead of having toearn them step by step via successful stuffing attacks! By the way: the bomb belt can be combined with any item you want! HOURGLASS If your chances are not that good but you are not desperate enough touse a bomb belt either, you can use the hourglass. This item will comein handy if you fail - it can revoke an unsuccessful attack and give you a second chance!Make sure to equip the hourglass before you risk an attack with lowchances! Note: you can combine the hourglass with all items except the bombbelt.   STUFFING ENEMIES’ RATS   Stuffing rats is a great way to get additional loot and souls and totake revenge on your enemies! But here your chances may not always beas great as you might wish, as well. To improve your chances, you can use special items. Let's take a lookon what we have got! POISON POTIONS The best way to improve your chances of successfully stuffing aneighbor's rat is using a poisonous potion. But remember: you cannotcombine different poisons in the same attack.   SMALL POTION (LOW POWER LEVEL) A small poison potion will increase your chance for a successfulstuffing attack. But as it has a low power level it will be usefulonly if your rats have a pretty high stuffing skill anyway. PREMIUM POTION (MEDIUM POWER LEVEL) The premium potion will significantly improve your stuffing chances.Usually, this potion will be of help in most of the attacks youattempt. MEGA POTION (HIGH POWER LEVEL)   If all else fails, you can always use a mega potion. This item is verypowerful and greatly improves your stuffing chances.