How can I protect my rats while I am on holiday?

Ever thought about a way to protect your rat gang while you're away? Everyone knows this feeling - to come back from the holidays only to find half your main rats dead. We've all been there. But wait, there is a solution - the Clown costume can solve this problem!


The Clown costume has a special effect: all rats wearing the costume will be protected from dying! In other words, your enemies will not be able to kill your rats. They will still fall into a coma after a successful attack from one of your enemies, of course; but they will not die but wait for you to return and save them. Once you start the game, you can easily cure them and they will be ready to go hunting for you again! But wait, there is more! In addition to the special protection skill, the Clown costume will also increase your rats' defense skills up to20%! Therefore, it will not only protect your rats from dying but it can also help protect them from being robbed by other players in the first place. Now you're perhaps wondering where and how to get such a cool costume. Keep reading!


It's pretty easy to get the Clown costume - you just have to visit the ingame shop and select the costume you want. Then click "Equip" and there it is! Your rats are protected and you can safely start your holidays!


Another good way to protect your rat-cave is to use special ingame tools. Ingame tools can help you protect your cheese and rescue your rats faster, and they can even collect souls and cheese for you! GOOD LUCK!