Laboratory: Learn more how to use it!

You want to improve your tools and become the ultimate Rat's champion?Then we've got some good news for you! We added a new tool, theLaboratory, which will help you improve your hunting skills! Please take a look on our short FAQ to find out how to use theLaboratory. 1) WHAT DOES THE LABORATORY DO? This new tool is a Laboratory where you can upgrade certain items andimprove your skills. Using the Laboratory, you can increase yourhunting efficiency by up to 60%! You can also increase your chances for stuffing neighbors' rats. Andthe best thing: your tools' increased power does not wear off afterbeing used - your tools will remain more effective forever! In other words, once you have improved your skills, you will benefiteach time you send your rats to loot your neighbors! 2) WHICH POWER LEVEL DO I NEED TO BE ABLE TO USE THE LABORATORY? The Laboratory will be available once you reach Power Level 13. 3) WHICH ITEMS CAN I UPGRADE IN THE LABORATORY? Right now you can improve magic gloves, smoke grenades, and poisons.In the future, we will add more items to be improved in theLaboratory! 4) WHICH MATERIALS DO I NEED FOR THE UPGRADES? That depends on the tool you want to improve. For every tool upgradeyou need a certain number of collection items. By the way: along with upgrading certain tools you will be able toupgrade and improve the Laboratory itself! An upgraded Laboratory willbe more effective for improving tools. In this update you also canfind new awesome collection items! Check it out! 5) WHERE CAN I GET THE ITEMS NEEDED FOR UPGRADING THE LABORATORY ANDMY TOOLS? There are several ways to get collection items: STUFFING NEIGHBORS’ RATS [HUNTING] You can receive collection items when you successfully stuff yourneighbors' rats. Tip: try to attack high-level rats. MORE POWERFUL RATS ARE MORE LIKELYTO DROP RARE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION ITEMS. LUCKY BOXES If you have no luck hunting your neighbors' rats, don't worry - youcan still get rare items in the lucky boxes! 5) WHAT DO I GET FROM UPGRADING THE LABORATORY? A leveled-up Laboratory will be able to provide more effectiveupgrades for your tools. For example: a level 20 Laboratory canimprove the stealing effect of gloves by up to 60%! Meaning that everyglove you use during a raid will bring you additional stealingeffects.