How does the Torch of Friendship work?

The Torch of Friendship speeds up the growth of your fruits. If thetorch burns, your fruits grow 10 times faster in the winter. And inthe summer time, growth is speed up by 20%. The effective range of the Torch of Friendship is limited. When youplace it, be sure your palms are within the yellow border around thebuilding base of the Torch of Friendship. The Torch of Friendship can only be emblazed by Neighbors or Friends.To emblaze the torch of your neighbour or friend, visit his island.You will need to click on his username in your friendlist. On every island of a friend, you can carry out 5 actions per day.Objects on which you can perform actions are highlighted by a yellowflash. The number besides the yellow flash on the left shows how manyactions you can still perform for the day. The basic Torch of Friendship burns for 30 MINUTES. After this time ithas to be cleaned up by your Bongies in order to light it up again. There are also new torches in Bonga Online: The Ceramic Torch (burnsfor 90 MINUTES) and the Stone Torch (burns for 240 MINUTES). You canupgrade the basic torch to a ceramic one (picture 1) and the ceramictorch to a stone torch (picture 2). Besides you can purchase theObsidian Torch (picture 3) in the construction menu. It will burn for8 HOURS.