The game does not start. What can I do?

CHECK ADOBE FLASHTo play Bonga Online, you will need a current version of Adobe FlashPlayer.Click on the lik below to find out whether Flash is installed on yourcomputer and what version it is: → Which Flash version is installed?[] UPDATE ADOBE FLASHWith us, the game runs perfectly on version If you have anolder version, so you can get a free update here: → Download the latest Adobe Flash[] CLEAR THE BROWSER CACHETry to clear the cache of your browser once. Below, you will find theinstructions on how to do that for popular browsers: → Internet Explorer [] → Mozilla Firefox[önnen]→ Chrome[]→ Opera [] → Safari [] Restart the browser and try to log in into the game again. TRY ANOTHER BROWSERToday, there is a wide range of browsers. Nearly all of them can bedownloaded for free.If you are expriencing problems in your browser with Bonga Online, tryone of the following alternatives: → Mozilla Firefox [] → Chrome [] → Opera [] → Safari []