02. Resources

02. RESOURCESThe Bongies can use various resources to help them build objects orprepare food. PINEAPPLEPineapples can be eaten raw or processed further in the work area orin the food factory. One can yield many savory dishes. BANANABananas cannot be eaten raw. You can make banana puree or banana pureeand seeds out of it in the work are or the food factory. Besides youcan produce banana flour or oil. COCONUTBongies cannot eat raw coconuts, but process them to coconut meat orcoconut milk in the work area or in the food factory. From the coconutmeat you can produce coconut flour. LEAF Leaves are required for many things, e.g. for the production offibers, which can in turn be used to manifacture fabric or ropes. Forthat you should dry the leaves on the drying rack. A leaf is a leaf:if you need leaves for some task, it does not matter whether they comefrom a pineapple, a banana or a coconut palm. STONE In the north of Bonga Island there is a mysterious mine. If you fixit, then you can break down rocks, which are needed for many differentconstructions. BAMBOO To the east of the island there is a bamboo forest. The bamboo isquite handy as it grows quickly and can be used in many ways. Once youcompletely fell your bamboo forest, it will automatically grow againwith 12 instead of 9 rods. WOOD Later in the game you will be able to cut down palms and process theminto wood planks in the sawmill. CLAY The soil on the island is very versatile! In order to produce clay,you need a tub. With clay you can make practical things like bricks ordishware. FISH In the winter the main diet of bongies is fish. Drill an icehole inthe frozen river in the west of the island to catch fish. The fishmust then be cut into fillets on the filleting table, so that onecould use it later. There is ten to twenty percent chance that a fish contains a fishbone. You can use it to make nails. WATERBuild a well! With the help of watering cans, which you can build onthe pottery wheel, you can gather water for your flowers. You alsoneed water for producing cement and several quests. MUSHROOMSIf you build a mushroom garden, you can process harvested mushrooms toglue or a mushroom broth (the broth is needed for a certain quest). SANDBuild a sandpit to collect sand. You will need sand for the glasblowerworkshop. Ore, Coal and IronYou can make iron out of coal, ore and bamboo in the blacksmith's hutor in the factory. You need iron for hooks and screws. POLLENYou need pollen to grow new plants and to make honey in the beehive. AIRWOOD TREEYou can gather airwood from the cuddly airwood tree. WAXYou can produce wax at the beehive. You will need wax to cure theairwood tree.