Recognizing and avoiding scams and phishing

Scams and phishing are often used to obtain account details. You willbe requested to enter your account details on a site which looksconfusingly similar to that of the actual site you want. You can avoidthese disguised websites by entering the address of the relevantwebsite into the address bar of the browser manually.Here are some more examples of scams/phishing:E-MAIL:These e-mails are styled in such a way as to look almost exactly likean official e-mail from the company. It is often attempted to changethe addressor of the mail. Additionally, you must pay specialattention to links in e-mails. These links often differ very slightlyfrom that of the correct website. For example, a .ru or .cn in a link.THIRD-PARTY SUPPLIER/EBAY:There is always a certain risk in purchasing codes from othersuppliers or websites. Invalid codes are often given. Therefore, wecan but only advise you to avoid such offers to prevent any form offraud.FAKE GAMEMASTER:It is often the case, that players pretend to be a Gamemaster oremployee of gamigo. Please report such players immediately via ticket.Gamigo employees will never ask you for your password.