Recognising and avoiding scams and phishing

Scams and phishing are ways in which accounts can become compromised in several ways.

Scammers will use email or messaging to trick Users into giving out personal information. Furthermore, the sites will look very similar to the original.
This includes passwords, account ids or bank details.

Here are some examples of scams/phishing

  • Email Scams
    These emails are made to look almost identical to an official company email. It is advised to pay attention to the links in the emails you receive, as they will differ slightly from the original.
  • Third-Party Suppliers
    There is the risk of purchasing a fraudulent product or promotional codes
  • Fake Community Manager/Gamemaster
    It can happen that players pretend to be an employee of gamigo. If you notice this kind of activity, please report it immediately via a ticket.

Please note that gamigo employees will never ask you for your password.