Is the gamigo account password the same as the game account?

If you have registered with one of our websites, then access to the gamigo Account System was created automatically when you registered. In this case, the same login details were saved for the gamigoaccount.

If you create a gamigo account via the Account Systems website and add game accounts afterwards, then it depends as to which details will be selected. It generally applies that the login details for your account are not the same as those for your game accounts.

All account names and passwords can be chosen individually and can be changed (Exception: once selected, usernames for game accounts cannot subsequently be changed).

Should you have problems with your login details, then take a look at the FAQ posts "How do I change the password for my gamigo account?"and "How do I change the passwords for my game accounts?". Otherwise, you can direct your questions to our support team. The more information there is available about questions, the sooner a solution can be found.