I cannot update “The Rats” on my Android device. What should I do?

Have you got technical issues after ingame maintenance on your Androiddevice? If so, please read this FAQ, here you will find an easy andefficient way to get it fix! _I cannot update "The Rats" on my Android device. What should I do? _In order to update «The Rats» on your Android device please follownext steps: First of all, you will have to clean Google Play's cache and data onyour device, to do these please follow these steps: 1) Open your device's Settings menu 2) Within the Settings menu open Applications section (can also belabeled Application Manager, Apps) 3) Tab over to All Applications. 4) Search for and open the Google Play Store app. 5) Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache. 6) Relaunch Google Play and then download «The Rats» update.