How to create or join a clan?

1) WHAT IS THE NEW FEATURE "CLANS" ABOUT? WHY ARE CLANS USEFUL? "Clans" is a brand new feature in The Rats that allows you to connectwith your friends or other players online to earn more points, takepart in the Global ranking of Clans and to find new people in the gameand have fun playing together! More very cool and useful features of the Clans will be added in thenext months - it will be a great advantage to be a part of a clan! 2) HOW TO GET IN? You have two possibilities: You can create your own clan or you can join an existing one. 3) WHAT DO I NEED TO BE ABLE TO CREATE A CLAN? To be able to create or join a clan, you have to meet certainrequirements: *CREATING A CLAN: - You must have reached at least Power Level 20 - You must have storedat least 10,000 pieces of cheese *JOINING AN EXISTING CLAN: - You must be Power Level 20 or above 4) HOW TO CREATE A CLAN? Make sure that you are meeting the necessary requirements (you musthave reached Power Level 20 and own at least 10,000 pieces of cheese) Do not forget to enter this necessary information: The name of your clan A bit of description about your clan Got everything? Then press the confirmation button and get going! 5) HOW TO INVITE FRIENDS TO YOUR CLAN? If you want to invite friends to your clan, just open the "Friendslist" window, then press ? (a button with a question mark). Here youwill find relevant information: whether your friend is already amember of another Clan, what Power level he or she is, and how manypoints he or she could add to your Clan. If you still want to add your friend, just send him or her a request! 6) HOW TO CHANGE A NAME/DESCRIPTION OF THE CLAN? Only a clan's leader can change/edit the clan information. If you arethe clan leader and want to update information about your clan, justclick on the "Edit" - then you can change all the necessaryinformation. 7) ARE THERE ANY RESTRICTIONS ON CLAN NAMES OR NAMING RULES? Yes, we do have naming guidelines. Please make sure the name of youclan meets the following requirements: - It does not include spaces in between the name, or/and any specialsymbols like these: ( ": - Only Latin characters can be entered inclan name and description - Also please make sure your clan name doesnot include or hint at any racist, insulting, vulgar and/or offendingcontent or acts 8) HOW TO JOIN A CLAN? HOW TO ACCEPT AN INVITATION? To be able to join a Clan you must have reached at least Power level20 and you also have to receive and accept a request from an activeclan member. You can accept an invitation simply by clicking on it(you can find clan invitations in the "Clan" window). 9) IF I CHANGE MY MIND AND WANT TO JOIN A NEW CLAN, WHAT SHOULD I DO? If you want to join a new clan, you must first leave your currentclan. To do that, please visit "My Clan" and choose the option"Leave". Now you can join a new clan or create your own! 10) HOW TO SEARCH FOR A CLAN? If you want to find a clan, simply open the clan feature window, thenfind the "My Clan" category and type in the name of the clan you wantto join. If there are available places, simply press "Join" and yourrequest will be send to the clan leader. Once it is approved, you arein the team! 11) HOW MANY MEMBERS CAN JOIN A CLAN? Up to 10 players can be in one clan at this time. 12) I SENT MY FRIEND A REQUEST TO JOIN A CLAN A WEEK AGO, BUT SHENEVER RECEIVED IT. WHAT CAN I DO? Please note: requests and invites are active for 72 hours. After thattime, they will be are treated as declined requests. To be sure thatyour friend really receives an invite, we recommend to send it again. 13) HOW TO GET TO THE TOP RANKING? To reach the TOP, you have to collect points. The more points yourclan earns, the higher your position in the ranking will be. 14) HOW TO COLLECT POINTS? HOW ARE THE POINTS FOR THE CLAN RANKINGCALCULATED? To find the best clans, we sum up the points earned by each clanmember in the last 10 contests. Therefore, the points earned by eachclan member during the contest are crucial as this result willdetermine if your clan will make it to the TOP or not. In other words,if you want your clan to really be in the TOP level, make sure yourclan earns enough points in each contest.