Give your rats a special look!


Ever thought about giving your rats a special name or dressing them up in fancy costumes? Now you have the opportunity! Here you can find a short guide that can help you make your rats very special

To give your rats a special look, select the rat you want to dress up. After selecting a rat, you will see a special window where you can find useful information. Press the "Customize" button. A special window will appear where you can choose a unique name for your rat and dress it up!

Along with a costume you can also choose specific accessories that will make your rat look awesome! Check it out! If you do not like the outfit, however, or just want to try something new, you always can sell your accessories.

To sell items, you have to remove them from your rat and place the costume or item back in the wardrobe. Once the item is there, the option "Sell" will be available. Press on it and check how much cheese you will get for it!