Valentine’s Day: find your love in The Rats!

It's Valentine's Day in The Rats! Receive a free Valentine's Daycostume, build your own Cupid statue, share your love by sendingspecial "flying hearts" to your friends. The Valentine's Daycelebration will last from 07.02.2017 until 28.02.2017 1) CAN I GET A VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL COSTUME FOR FREE? Yes, during the Valentine's Day celebration you have the opportunityto try on a special costume for free for 24 hours! Do not miss yourchance to try it on! 2) HOW DO I BUILD A CUPID STATUE? To raise a Cupid statue, you will need special Valentine's Day hearts(Tip: you can easily recognize them - they look like "flyinghearts"). 3) HOW DO I GET THE VALENTINE’S DAY “FLYING HEARTS”? There are several ways - you can get hearts by merging your rats andvia gifts. 4) HOW MANY VALENTINE’S DAY HEARTS CAN I RECEIVE? Merging rats After each merge you will receive a certain amount ofhearts. For example, if you merge grey rats, you will receive oneheart, for merging super rats you will get 3 hearts, and for devilrats 25 hearts. Below you can see in detail how many hearts you willreceive for merging different types of rats: Grey rats - 1 Valentine's Day heart King rats - 3 Valentine's Day hearts Angel rats - 10 Valentine's Day hearts Devil rats - 25 Valentine's Day hearts Vampire rats - 50 Valentine's Day hearts Joker rats - 100 Valentine's Day hearts GIFTS You will have a chance to receive Valentine's Day hearts trough giftsas well. Note:* not each gift you send will contain a "flying heart";it will be included in some of the gifts you send on a random basis -the more gifts you send, the more hearts your friends will receive! 5) WHAT CAN I DO WITH VALENTINE’S DAY HEARTS? When you collect enough hearts, you will be able to upgrade your Cupidstatue! 6) I HAVE ALREADY COLLECTED A LOT OF VALENTINE’S DAY HEARTS BUT ICANNOT SEE THEM IN THE RAT CAVE! WHY IS THAT? To keep your rat cave nice and clean, the Valentine's Day bar appearsonly when there are Valentine's Day hearts to collect. Once youreceive a special heart, the Valentine's Day heart bar will be visiblefor you again, but as long as you do not have any hearts to collect,you will not see the special bar. 7) HOW DO I KNOW IF I HAVE ENOUGH OF VALENTINE’S DAY HEARTS TOUPGRADE THE CUPID STATUE? Once you collect enough Valentine's Day hearts, you will see a specialmessage above the Cupid statue, which will inform you on the upgradingstatus and the possibility of the next upgrade. 8) HOW CAN I UPGRADE THE CUPID STATUE? When you see the special message above the Cupid statue, click on itto open the upgrade menu. Here you will find all necessary informationregarding the upgrading process. 9) WHAT ADVANTAGES DO I HAVE WITH A HIGH-LEVEL CUPID STATUE? Each Cupid statue upgrade will generate additional loot for yourcollections! Keep going and get rare and great items! 10) HOW MANY VALENTINE’S DAY HEARTS DO I NEED FOR THE UPGRADES? At the beginning you only need a few hearts - just 2 for the veryfirst upgrade, 5 to get your Cupid statue to the second level, and 7to get it to level three. The higher your level, however, the morehearts you need. And of course: the higher your level - the better theprizes!