The Halloween party

THE HALLOWEEN PARTY HAS STARTED IN THE RATS! Take part in our Halloween party, increase your chances to stuff yourneighbors and get a free Halloween costume! WHEN WILL THE HALLOWEEN PARTY TAKE PLACE? The Halloween Party will last from October 10th until November 10th,2016. During this time, you can build your own pumpkin, increase thechance of successfully stuffing your neighbors and be rewarded withcollectables. HOW TO TAKE PART IN THE HALLOWEEN PARTY? To take part in the event, just visit your neighbors for a nice littlesoul and cheese raid. Once you return with your pockets full of stolensouls and cheese, the pumpkin will be activated automatically! HOW DO I UPGRADE THE PUMPKIN? For every successful raid in which you collect souls and cheese, youwill earn bats that you need to grow your pumpkin. The more bats youcollect, the higher you can level up your pumpkin! WHAT ADVANTAGES DO I GET FROM A HIGH-LEVEL PUMPKIN? Each upgrade of the pumpkin will increase the chances of successfulstuffings. For example, if you just started taking part in theHalloween party and your pumpkin is still on level 1, it will increasethe chance of successful stuffings by 1%. However, the higher youlevel up your pumpkin, the more it will be able to increase yourstuffing chances. You also will be rewarded with collectables forevery new pumpkin level! Additionally, once the event is over, youwill receive a special reward depending on the level you have achievedwith your pumpkin. WHERE CAN I CHECK MY PROGRESS? To check your current level, just click on the "pumpkin". Another wayis to open the "Events buildings" menu in your achievements. Here youcan also get an overview of your current progress.