Late Summer Event - Sunflower

Take part in our Late Summer Event and increase your loot forsuccessful raids! WHEN WILL THE LATE SUMMER EVENT TAKE PLACE? The Late Summer Event will last from 16.08. UNTIL 16.09.2016. Duringthis time you can build your own sunflower and increase the loot youget for your raids! HOW DO I TAKE PART IN THE LATE SUMMER EVENT? To take part in the event, just visit your neighbors or the nearestdungeon for a nice little soul raid. Once you return with your pockets full of stolen souls, the sunflowerwill be activated automatically! HOW DO I UPGRADE THE SUNFLOWER? For every successful raid in which you collect souls, you will earnspecial water drops that you need to water your sunflower. The morewater drops you collect, the higher you can level up your sunflower! HOW CAN I INCREASE THE LOOT OF MY RAIDS? Each upgrade of the statue will increase the loot you get forsuccessful raids. For example, if you just started taking part in theLate Summer Event and your sunflower is still on level 1, it willincrease the amount of loot by 1%. However, the higher you level upyour flower, the more it will be able to increase the loot you getfrom your raids. WHERE CAN I CHECK MY PROGRESS? To check your current level, just click on the "Sunflower". Anotherway is to open the "Events buildings" menu in your achievements. Hereyou can also get an overview of your current progress.