Costumes for your gang

Once you reach Power Level 4, you will be able to dress up your gang in special costumes! Costumes will not just look awesome on your pack- they will also help your rats with additional effects such as increased chances for looting or stronger resistance against being stuffed. Learn how you can protect and empower your gang!


Military suit

Having a hard time stuffing enemies' rats? The military suit will certainly help by increasing your chances by 10%.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Wearing this costume will automatically increase your chances to successfully stuff other rats by 10%. You can also improve the rate even more when you use poisons along with the suit.


The clown costume

The clown costume is a useful addition, especially if you have to leave your gang alone for some time (while going on holiday, for example) as this costume will improve your rats' protection by 20% and also prevent them from dying.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Once you dress your gang in this costume, your rats will automatically become "immune" to dying. Their stuffing resistance will also be increased by 20%. This way, it will be harder for other players to put your rats in a coma - and even if they should succeed, your rats will not die.


Agent suit

If you want to take on the contest and get to the TOP in the Ranking, this suit will be a good help - the costume will boost your contest score by multiplying it by 2.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Every time you send your rats out on cheese raids in this costume, the points they get will be doubled automatically. That's right, you'll receive twice the amount of points for the same effort.



This suit will be a good help to players who want to improve their rats' stealing skills. This costume will definitely help - stealing chances will be increased by 10%.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Once you put on this costume, your rat's stealing skills will be automatically increased by 10%. You also can improve your chances even more by combining the costume with some in-game items like gloves or smoke grenades. Tip: Check the in-game shop regularly to find special offers and try on different costumes for free!