01. Basic gameplay

01. BASIC GAMEPLAYIn Bonga Online you play as the island spirit of the peaceful islandof Bonga. Help the Bongies to feel comfortable at their new home. Commands: You cannot control the bongies directly; they have their own mind. Youcan issue them commands like to harvest crops or build something. Theycomplete these on their own. MOJO: The mojo shows how motivated a bongi currently is. You can see howhigh bongies' mojo is on the blue bar next to them. The fuller themojo, the more work is performed by the bongi. If the mojo is empty,the bongi prefers to spend his time on other things. To fill up the bongies' mojo, use the spell "Magic of the Mood." Clickon "Spell" and select "Magic of the Mood." Use the lightning spell ona bongie to increase his mojo. A "flashed" Bongie will automaticallyabort his running work process. With the "Magic of the Mood" you candeflect your Bongies, if you need a resource they carry to anotherconstruction site. Food can also increase the mojo. Children have no mojo. They do not work, but sometimes help theirparents to bring something from A to B. You cannot influence when andhow often that happens. HUNGER: The bongies can also get hungry. This happens regardless of the amountof mojo. If bongies are very hungry, they are not particularlymotivated and show clearly that they want to eat something. Do notworry - bongies cannot starve!  Give the bongies something to eat to satisfy their hunger. They caneat raw pineapples or dishes made of several ingredients. The morecomplicated a dish is, the longer it keeps a bongi full. So it isworth cooking complicated dishes! EXPERIENCE POINTS: For every action of bongies you get experience points (EP), whichappear as yellow sun in the game. Touch it with the cursor to collectit. Alternatevely, the suns are automatically collected after a shorttime. When you reach the next level, your energy bar gets refilled. Besides,you get skill points every third level, which you can use by clickingon the plus sign in the bottom menu. Choose wisely skills are most useful for you!Game settings: The icons rights on the menu are the game options. There you can turnsound and music on and off and play the game in full screen. Byclicking on the eye icon, you can reduce the graphics quality toreduce loading times.