07. Babies, Children, Adults

07. Babies, Children, Adults BUILDING THE EGG OF LIFE For your Bongies to get Babies, you need the Egg of Life. It is in thebuild menu. CHARGING THE EGG OF LIFE WITH OFFERINGS After you have built an Egg of Life, it must be magically charged, sothat new life could emerge. You will need the help of a friend (Magicof Friendship) to charge half of the Egg of Life (or you may use theshortcut for the cost of some shells). Also you need the Magic ofAncestors. Sacrifice different items or objects at the ancestral totemfor that. To do that, select a resource (e.g. in the workspace) and select"Sacrifice to the ancestors." Sacrifice enough resources until the bars at the egg of life arecompletely charged. That many offerings are needed: 1. Egg 7 offerings 2. Egg 84 offerings 3. Egg 231 offerings 4. Egg 448 offerings 5. Egg 735 offerings INVITING A GODPARENT When the bar at the Egg of Life is completely filled up, you only needto find a godparent for the child. In this case an arrow appears abovethe egg. Click on it to invite another player to become a godparentfor your baby. If that player has confirmed the godparenthood, a childmagically hatches out of the egg! You can also cut this step short forthe cost of some shells. After the Baby Bongie has hatched from the egg, one should first teardown the egg before one can build a new one. Remember you will need anew godparent for each new egg. THE BABY BONGIE Baby Bongies have two favorite pastimes: eating and sleeping. Preparebaby food in the kitchen when the baby cries (do not worry - the BabyBongie cannot starve). After 12 bottles, the baby grows up to be achild. The Baby Bongie has no Mojo yet, but sometimes helps the parents tocarry things from A to B. Throughout the game kids grow up. A childneeds to achieve 18 food points and carry out 750 actions to become anadult. In the following list you can see how many food points yourchild will get for each meal: Fruit Cocktail - 1Fruit Salad- 1Pineapple Skewer - 1Fruit Casserole - 3Pineapple Pie - 4Pineapple Pasta - 6Fried Fish - 2Banana Cake - 2Grilled Fish - 1Pineapple - does not countPineapple Jelly - 6