03. Building

03. BUILDINGIn Bonga Online you can build many useful buildings. Click on thebuild menu to view what buildings you can build at the moment. Themore quests you complete, the more buildings will be available. RESOURCES FOR THE CONSTRUCTION Move your mouse cursor over the item you want to build in the market /building and see, which resources you will need to finish theconstruction. PLACING AND MOVING A BUILDING When placing the building, note that it should stand freely. If itcannot be placed somewhere, this will be indicated by a red mark. Moveit so that the construction area is marked green - only then you maystart building. You can move buildings with the "Crystal of Relocation". You can findit on the market. The first three crystals are free. After you boughtsome crystals, they appear in your storage. Apply the Crystal ofRelocation to one of your buildings to move it to another place.COLLECTING RESOURCES FOR THE BUILDING Click on a building site to view the resources required forconstruction. The Bongies will bring the resources to the construction siteimmeadiatley when these have been harvested or produced. That is whywe recommend not having too many opened sites at the same time if youwant to quickly complete construction: Your Bongies will deliverresources to the site you arranged first, than to the second site andso on. REMOVING A BUILDING You can tear down a building at any time during or after completion ofthe construction. To do that, select the building and then the option"Tear down building". Note: you will _not_ get the used resourcesback!