04. Production

04. PRODUCTIONYou can produce many useful things in Bonga Online! STARTING A PRODUCTION Choose a facility (e.g. the workspace) to start a production. Choosefrom the list what you want to produce. You can give two assignments; they are processed sequentially by thebongies. Make sure you have all the necessary resources together ifyou order something! If you need to cancel an assignment, you will notget already processed resources back. PRODUCTION PROCESS The Bongies bear the resources to the production area on their own.Click on the facility (in this picture it is the oil press), to seewhat resources you still need. CANCELING A PRODUCTION To cancel a production, move the mouse pointer on the productiondisplay. It displays a red X. Click this red X to cancel theproduction. Attention: You won't get already used raw materials back!