Redeem a free game

IMPORTANT: FREE GAMES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR USERS WITH A GAME CARDMEMBERSHIP. To redeem a free game just follow these steps: * Login to your user account on[] * Search for a game in the Game Catalog you want to redeem and go tothe game page. PLEASE NOTE: COLLECTOR’S EDITIONS CAN’T BE REDEEMED AS FREE GAMES.BUT THEY ARE OFFERED FOR A SPECIAL PRICE TO GAME CARD MEMBERS. * If a free game is available for you, the "FREE GAME" button will becolored yellow. If the button is grey, there is no free gameavailable. * Click on the "FREE GAME" button. The game will be placed in theshopping cart. * Open the cart. The game will be displayed with a price of 0,00 USD. * If you're fine with the content in your shopping cart click the"Proceed to checkout" button. If you want to change the content inyour cart you can delete the game by clicking "Delete". * If you only redeemed free games you'll find a button called "freetransaction". After clicking that button you get your activation code.* If you have chosen additional games besides the free ones there willbe displayed a list of payment provides to choose from. Click on"Proceed to checkout" and follow the instructions. * After payment your activation code(s) will be displayed.