How to report inappropriate behaviors

_A PLAYER INSULTED ME / SCAMMED ME / IS CHEATING IN THE GAME. HOW CANI REPORT HIM? _ Thank you for helping us have a healthy community! _FOR SIMPLE REPORTS_ (insults, inappropriate behavior, gold sellers,etc) we invite you to take a screenshot and upload it. After uploading the image, look for the link labeled "Direct link" aswe cannot download files hosted on external websites. Be sure this image is clear and large enough to be easily read._PLEASE DON'T CUT OR EDIT YOUR SCREENSHOTS!_ _REGARDING CHEATS OR SCAMS_, we recommend that you make a video andupload it to youtube (please choose "unlisted" as privacy settings). Please provide us the link to the video in the ticket body. _AS FOR SCAMS_, please keep in mind that trades with other players areentirely your responsibility. We therefore recommend that you don't give something without anythingin exchange. Make sure the player you trade with is trustworthy! Thank you for your support!