Account recovery

_I DON'T REMEMBER MY EMAIL OR PASSWORD, WHAT CAN I DO? _ _IF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE ACCOUNT_ it is very simple! Log in to the website and click on your profile. Click on "Edit profile" and go to the "Account" tab to change emailand password. You're done! _IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNT ANYMORE_, you can try toreset your old password. Please log out from the website and click on this link[]. You are going to receive an email inviting you to create a newpassword. _IF YOU DO NOT REMEMBER YOUR EMAIL_, please send us a request andprovide us following information, so we can verify ownership: - Name of the account you would like to recover - Original email address for this account - Current email address on the account - Character Information - Last AP transaction and purchase method used(Allopass, Creditcard...) - List and date of your last in-game purchases - List of your other Aeria Games accounts - A new email address that is not linked to an existing Aeria Gamesaccount _FOR STOLEN ACCOUNTS_, please note that you will have to purchase ourGM service here[].Thank you for understanding.