GENERALWhen sending a petition to contact us[] please includethe following in your mail: * Account name * Character Name * Email Address * Alternate Email Address * (Optional) Aeria Points receipt numbersFAQ * Where can I find my open Aeria Games Support Tickets? * I want to play, what do I do? * How can I change my password? * I did not receive the registration confirmation e-mail. What can Ido? * Do I need to pay for playing any game from Aeria? * Then how do you make money? * How do I purchase items from the game Item Mall/Shop? * Is it safe to purchase Aeria Points? * How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter? * What age is the minimum to have an Aeria account? * Does Aeria have any games with mature content? * Does Aeria have any mature content on their website? * Does Aeria allow mature user submitted content on their portal,website, forums, blogs, etc? Q. WHERE CAN I FIND MY OPEN AERIA GAMES SUPPORT TICKETS? A. To access your open support tickets please follow this link[]. Please keep in mind that you need to login before you can access yourtickets. The creation of new tickets via this system is not possibleanymore. Q. I WANT TO PLAY, WHAT DO I DO? A. Follow four steps * Register your account here[] * Receive the registration and confirm your email * Download the game client from the corresponding game page, and (4)Install the game client and login to play free.Q. HOW CAN I CHANGE MY PASSWORD? A. To reset or change your password, go here[]. Once you have done this, you should be able to log into the game. Q.I DID NOT RECEIVE THE REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION E-MAIL. WHAT CAN I DO?A. You can request another password to be sent to you by using thislink [] while notlogged in. Alternatively, you can put our e-mail address on yourwhitelist so that the confirmation e-mail can be properly delivered toyour inbox. If you still have troubles, you can user our contact us[] form. Q. DO INEED TO PAY FOR PLAYING ANY GAME FROM AERIA? A. There will be no charge to download and play any game. All gamesoperated by us will remain Free to Play. Q. THEN HOW DO YOU MAKEMONEY? A. We have an item mall/shop system in-game that will sell usefulitems for money. Buying from the mall is optional. Q. HOW DO IPURCHASE ITEMS FROM THE ITEM MALL/SHOP? A. Once you have purchased Aeria Points they can be used to purchaseitems for the games. Each game is unique. Q. IS IT SAFE TO PURCHASEAERIA POINTS? A. Yes. We partner with reputable payment providers such as PayPal toprovide a safe and secure purchasing experience. Q. HOW DO IUNSUBSCRIBE FROM THE NEWSLETTER? A. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter in one of two ways: * At the bottom of the newsletter is a link labeled "Click here tounsubscribe from this newsletter". This is a unique link for thesubscriber, and will bring you to a page where you can choose tounsubscribe. * You can log in to our web site. Once logged in, you can select "MyAccount"[],then the "Edit" tab, then "Newsletters". You must uncheck the"Newsletter" box.Q. WHAT AGE IS THE MINIMUM TO HAVE AN AERIA ACCOUNT? A. The minimum age to create an Aeria account is 13. If you are underthat age, and wish to play our games, a parent (or guardian) maycreate an account, and allow you to use it under their supervision. Q.DOES AERIA HAVE ANY GAMES WITH MATURE CONTENT? A. Yes. Some of Aeria's games have mature content, and are recommendedfor older persons. If you are under 18 you should consult with yourparent (or guardian) before playing such games. Q. DOES AERIA HAVE ANYMATURE CONTENT ON THEIR WEBSITE? A. At this time Aeria does not have any mature content available onour website. Should this be added, it will be age restricted. Q. DOESAERIA ALLOW MATURE USER SUBMITTED CONTENT ON THEIR PORTAL, WEBSITE,FORUMS, ETC? A. No. All content submitted by users must be rated Teen. Some gamecontent may not be suitable for posting on our site. This applies toall locations on the website, including profiles, PM's, comments,forums, etc.