How do I change the passwords for my game accounts?

You can change the passwords for the game accounts you are registeredfor in the gamigo Account System in the section [MY GAMIGO].Login at HTTPS://EN.GAMIGO.COM/ to the account system and proceed tothe section [MY GAMIGO].You can find the link "Change password" to the right of every gameaccount. As soon as you have entered a new password you can loginagain to the game account.Please take note of the indicated account names to avoid confusion. Bythe login for most games it is important to take notice of upper andlowercase letters. Otherwise, an error message can still come despitea successful change of password.Should a problem arise concerning the change of login details, thenplease contact our support team and explain the problem in as muchdetail as possible. The more information there is available, thesooner a solution can be found.