How do I change the password for my gamigo account?

If you have forgotten your password for access to the gamigo AccountSystem, then you can request new login details or enter a new passwordfor the Account System at the login screen. For this you must go to the homepage of the Account System atHTTPS://EN.GAMIGO.COM/ [1] and complete the following steps: * Click on the "LOGIN" button in the top-right * Click underneath the input form on "Forgotten password?". You canaccess the input form directly with THIS LINK [2]. * Enter your gamigo account name or the relevant e-mail address forthe account. * Upon doing this an e-mail will be sent to the relevant e-mailaddress for the account. This e-mail contains a link whereby you canenter a new password for your gamigo account. Please take note of theaccount name that is given in the title of the e-mail to avoid thisleading to confusion. * As soon as you save the new password you can login to your gamigoaccount via the above named "LOGIN" button.As soon as you login to your gamigo account you can change thepasswords for all registered game accounts in the section titled [MYGAMIGO]. You can find the link "Change password" to change thepasswords for your game accounts to the right of every single gameaccount.Should you want to change the password of your gamigo account for anyother reason and you already know the correct login details, then takeno notice of the previous steps.In this case, your gamigo account password can be changed in theaccount system. * Login at HTTPS://EN.GAMIGO.COM/ [3] to the account system andproceed to the section [MY GAMIGO]. * Afterwards, under the tab [MY GAMIGO] click on "Settings" and thenon "Login details". * There you can change the username and password for the accountsystem. The only difference here is that using this function requiresthe entry of the previous password.Should problems arise with changing the login details or should you nolonger have access to the relevant e-mail address for the account,then go to our support and explain the problem in as much detail aspossible. The more information there is available, the sooner asolution can be found.Links:------[1][2][3]