Trove Fixture Troubleshooting

Fixtures are special buildings that can be placed in Club Worlds to give you and your club members special buffs. Outside of the Club Vault and Rally of Heroes, Fixtures need to be purchased before they can be placed the first time. If you are having trouble placing down a fixture that you just reached the appropriate level for, you will first need to purchase the fixture from your Club's Merchant.

Sometimes after attempting to move a fixture you may no longer able to get the fixture to build. This is because each time a Fixture is constructed or destroyed the action is queued up and waits for the area where the fixture was changed to be traveled to. In order to get your missing Fixture working again you will need to travel to all of the locations in your club where you have attempted to place the Fixture. Once you have traveled to the correct locations you should see the fixture build up and tear back down in each spot, until you get to the most recent placement.