How to resolve the Blue Face issue in Defiance 2050

Bright blue faces are usually seen when Defiance 2050 is being played on a computer using its integrated graphics card instead of its external one, using out of date graphics drivers, or using a computer that does not meet the minimum system requirements for Defiance 2050. The minimum specs for Defiance 2050 can be found at the Defiance 2050 Minimum System Requirements support article.

Once you have confirmed your computer meets the minimum system requirements for Defiance 2050, please check and make sure your video drivers are up to date by following the steps in the Updating Video Drivers support article 

Once you have confirmed that your computer meets minimum specs and that your graphics drivers are up to date, the last step is to confirm Defiance 2050 is running off your dedicated graphics card instead of your integrated one by following the steps in the How to switch to using a Dedicated Video Card support article

If you are still seeing blue faces in the New Frontier please let the Defiance 2050 developers know by posting on the official Defiance 2050 bug report forums.