How do I unlink my Console account from my Glyph Account?

You may have accidentally linked your Glyph account to the wrong account or you may no longer want to have your accounts linked. You can unlink your Console account from your Glyph account by following the steps below:

  1. Log into the Account Link Page
  2. Click Unlink on the account you would like to Unlink from
  3. You should now be unlinked

Depending on when your account was linked you may need to use an older method to unlink your accounts. If your accounts are still showing as linked please try using the websites below instead and then clicking unlink. If you first linked your account when playing Trove, you should try using the Trove URL.

If you don't have access to the Glyph account your Console account is linked to, please submit an Account Recovery Ticket and include the GamerTag or Playstation ID of the console account you would like to recover.

If you would like to relink to a different Glyph account or to a different Console account we first recommend logging completely out of and back into the Glyph website. You can find the steps to link your console account below:

How do I link my Trove console account to my Glyph Account?