Planar Fragments Overview

Planar Fragments are a new path for character advancement in Prophecy of Ahnket. These fragments will only be available to players who own the Prophecy of Ahnket expansion.

Where do I get Planar Fragments?
You can receive fragments from completing level 65+ Prophecy Content. They drop from anything you do, ranging from questing to raiding.

How do I use Planar Fragments?
You can access your available fragments by opening your character sheet ('c' by default) and then clicking on the 'Fragment Inventory' tab. There you will see all the fragments you have available currently. To equip one specifically you go to the 'Planar Fragments' tab of the character sheet and select the slot you want to equip a fragment to. All fragments that you currently own and are equippable in that slot will be displayed, each slot will require a fragment with a different type of planar element. Once you find the planar fragment you want to use, simply drag it to the slot and it will be equipped.

How do I upgrade Planar Fragments?
In the 'Planar Fragments' tab of your character sheet you will see an up arrow next to each planar fragment you have equipped. Clicking the arrow will open up a new UI where you can infuse your planar fragment increasing its level. There are costs associated with infusing planar fragments and as you level those costs increase.

What do I do with extra Planar Fragments I don't need?
In the 'Fragment Inventory' tab of your character sheet you will see an option to breakdown any of your planar fragments. The materials you get from breaking down a planar fragment are used to infuse other planar fragments when they reach a higher infusion level, so make sure you hang onto them!